Dog Boarding and Training

Pricing plans

Obedience or puppy training / 1 month

  • Build a strong foundation: Teach essential commands like sit, stay, come, and leave it.
  • Improve communication: Strengthen the bond between you and your dog through positive reinforcement.
  • Address common issues: Tackle jumping, pulling on the leash, barking, and chewing.
  • Tailored approach: Training customized to your dog’s age, breed, and temperament.
  • Puppy socialization: Help young pups learn proper interaction with other dogs and people.


Behavior modification / 1 month

  • Identify the root cause: Address underlying anxieties, fears, or aggression triggers.
  • Develop positive alternatives: Replace unwanted behaviors with desired ones.
  • Preventative measures: Learn techniques to manage stress and prevent relapses.
  • Professional guidance: Experienced trainers work with you every step of the way.
  • Improved quality of life: Create a happier and more peaceful environment for you and your dog.


Dog Boarding and Training

  • Safe and supervised: Relax knowing your dog is in good hands, receiving training while you’re away.
  • Continued learning: Reinforce learned behaviors and even introduce new skills.
  • Socialization opportunities: Interact with other dogs in a controlled environment.
  • Personalized care: Catered to your dog’s individual needs and preferences.
  • Peace of mind: Enjoy your trip knowing your dog is thriving and learning.


Obedience or puppy training

  • One-on-one attention from a certified dog trainer
  • Personalized training plan for your dog’s individual needs


4 pack of lessons

  • Discounted price per lesson
  • More time to work on training goals
  • Ideal for puppies or dogs who need more time to learn


8 pack of lessons

  • Best value for your money
  • Comprehensive training program
  • Ideal for dogs with complex behavioral issues or who need to learn a variety of commands



Pet Services + Rates

We can fully customize your pet sitting schedule to fit your pet’s needs. Pick and choose what visits work best for you and your family