Belgian Malinois Mix

Chai is an amazing dog with a wonderful temperament. He is friendly with people and dogs, including children and puppies. He has basic obedience training, is crate trained, and has been e-collar trained for off-leash recall. Chai is laid back and low energy, but does enjoy walking, hiking, playing with other dogs, and occasionally playing ball. He has wonderful leash manners and is very well-behaved in dog-friendly public places. He is currently available for adoption and will be adopted out with a handler course.



German Shorthaired Pointer

Barney is an even-tempered and laid back pup. Unlike most Pointers, his favorite thing to do is relax. He will occasionally play with toys and other dogs, but his go-to activities are easy-going walks or chilling out with people. He is friendly with dogs and people and would make a wonderful companion. he knows a few basic obedience commands, has done e-collar work, and is crate trained. He is currently available for adoption and will be adopted out with a handler course.



Belgian Malinois

Moose is an interesting boy that loves frisbee, ball, tug, and squirrel hunting. He has done well guarding our home as he has and will keep a stranger out of a yard. He has some basic obedience and is working on advancing his obedience as well as human desensitization to help with reactivity. He is wary of new people, but in love with those he knows. He is on sanctuary hold and ultimately may stay with us if he does not take well to desensitization training. 



Corgi/Australian Shepherd Mix

Wrigley is cute pup that loves people he knows and enjoys dogs. He will play fetch with a ball and with sticks and likes to play chase with dogs that enjoy the game too. He doesn't currently meet new people properly, so he is going through training to learn how to greet people properly. He currently on sanctuary hold until further human socialization and rehabilitation.  

We do our best to keep our site up-to-date with the animals at our shelter. Animals cannot be reserved and are adopted on a first-come, first-served basis.